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April 1, 2021.
Cameron takes a sip from the reusable coffee mug that contains his breakfast. The phone is back on the hook. An annoyed Iris rolls her sleeves back up. "What I want to know is, what kind of person names a cat after a bird? And a dead bird, at that?"

Letting the mug rest in his hand, Cameron responds "I know you don't like the cat cases-" "They're demeaning." "-but Mrs Henry and Dodo are both sweethearts."
"Mrs Henry is a woman who only thinks she has an indoor cat."

A figure with brown hair approaches the front gate of Iris' building. Cameron starts to say, "Okay, but-" but is interrupted by a red light over the office door activating. "Proximity alert."
"Motion sensor," Iris corrects, "and stop calling it a proximity alert, I'm a detective, not a starship captain."