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April 22, 2021.
people keep telling me I leave too much unsaid, so here, have some exposition
Iris continues, "I'd like to apologise for my young associate's behaviour, he's... new. Sometimes when he goes into the noir, he comes out... Well, you were there." Cameron, outside, in the hallway, can't hear her say, "Bastard cop instead of angsty P.I."
I look surprised, and then resigned, and say "It's fine, I get it."
"So," Iris asks, "the future."
"It's like a, you know, a vision, it's more like. It's like life is a comic book I've read, that I can reread in my head. Always a few pages ahead of what's happening in the moment."
"And then it ends."
"And then it-- And then the next page is-- Blank."