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April 29, 2021.
Cases solved: 0 cats found.
Up on the roof, Cam is frustrated to discover an absence of cat. "Aw, nuts."
On the roof opposite Iris' office, somebody expresses a similar sentiment, "Aw, fuck." They're wearing a leather jacket with a fur collar over a silver jumpsuit. Their hair is the same colour as the jumpsuit. They continue, looking up at the last panel, "I'm being censored, and I don't even get any grawlix? Rude."
And then, face to face with Cam, across the sky-separated road, "Hey, kid! Wanna help me kill your boss?"
Cam needs a second to react, but then slides into the noir. I immediately lie, he narrates, saying "Sure!" and hope I sound believable.
"Don't go away now!" Cam says, holding up the metal baseball bat that was on the roof in an earlier panel, "I'll be right there!" To kick an ass.